Dr. Jennifer Johnson in Nepal

Where in the world is Dr. Johnson?

DAYS 1-3: Travel

Between June 18th and July 4th, Dr. Johnson will be in Khandbari in Eastern Nepal working with Helping Hands Health Education to bring medical and educational help to the region.

Dr. Johnson is helping to start women’s clinics in Khandbari and some smaller villages, working alongside nurse practitioners and gynecologists to treat women’s health issues. She will also be participating in educational talks and soliciting ideas from local women in the community about their health concerns. She will also be working with Nepali doctors in an attempt to provide culturally-appropriate and sustainable medical care.

It’s been a long few days of travel. Denver to Newark to catch a flight to New Dehli. Today was a good day to fly to Tumlingtar. We drive to Chainmur for the first clinic.

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